Headwaters Trail

As of summer 2019, our proposed Headwaters Trail has been approved by the WVDNR. This is a major step in our goal to complete our Core Loop Trail and we are eager to move forward with this new section, which will connect Canaan Valley State Park with the new Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. We have few contingencies to meet before we can begin construction. One of those contingencies has already been met: we had a Cheat Mountain Salamander review done and our trail is well below elevation of the known salamander habitat areas. Our next goal will be to purchase and install a boot and bike wash station at either end of the trail to discourage the spread of invasive species. Once these goals are met we will get into the trail design phase and begin identifying funding sources. This is a prime example of how your support (better yet, recurring donation) can help us move forward to complete our Core Loop Trail.