Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022!

Our organization is continuously working to expand and improve local trails. And for us to achieve these goals, we as an organization also need to expand and improve. We have welcomed new board member Lisa Sampson whose contributions will help us organize efforts around our trail advocacy. We are also looking to hire a Project Coordinator to help lead new projects going forward. More information can be found in the description embedded on the home page of our website.

Throughout the Fall we undertook many ambitious projects to revamp our trails to ensure they remain safe and fun for years to come. With the help of our volunteers and our AmeriCorp member Daniel, we have worked on the Pace Point trail, which was horribly overgrown before. Other projects have included work on Hellbender and its rock bridges and overgrowth issues, parts of Trials Road and Promised Land trail were also worked on to deal with muddy spots. With the Fall leaving us trail work will slow down, but we hope to come back strong with events and all hands on deck once we start coming out of winter.

Working with the WV Land Trust we managed to forge new routes through the Yellow Creek Natural Area. NCCC AmeriCorps came from out of state to help build out the trail and construct a new bridge.We have also been working with our other land managers to routinely repair and maintain our trails when needed. With the collaboration of trail enthusiasts, land owners, and the community at large we were able to have a successful and productive year.

Here’s to 2022!