Blackwater Falls
State Park

Blackwater Falls State Park boasts three waterfalls and numerous scenic overlooks throughout its 2,300 areas. There are over 20 miles of trails open to the public, with many groomed for cross country skiing. 

Camping is permitted only in the designated campground. Use of designated trails only is strongly encouraged. Dogs must be on a leash when in or around public use areas including designated roads and trails. Hunting is not permitted. Fishing is allowed in accordance with state rules and regulations.

Contact the State Park at 304-259-5216 for more information. 

Trail Difficulty Guidelines:


Difficulty guidelines are provided to indicate the relative technical difficulty of each trail, not the physical exertion required. Varying conditions may be encountered due to topography, season of the year, weather, and level of trail maintenance and experience. Direction of travel and type of use also affect the relative difficulty. Consider these guidelines, trail distances, elevation change, and your own physical and mental limits to select an appropriate trail. Be smart. Be safe. 

Easier – Mostly smooth and wide with occasional unevenness. 

More – Many uneven and variable surfaces and widths. 

Most- Long, rocky or uneven segments. Variable widths and often narrow.